EVolocity E-zine – Issue Five

What a year 2020 has been. While the EVolocity programme is looking a wee bit different this year, we are so proud of all the students involved, for continuing to work hard on their designs, even from afar. So here’s to the next few months – of teamwork, building, creating and collaborating – and welcome…


‘Make Your Marque’ competition

EVolocity has an exciting new competition this year! And the winner can take home a fantastic, large size 3D Printer! Auckland University’s Eva Hakansson and Stephen Kavermann highly recommend the size 13 CREALITY 3D Printer Ender 3 Pro kit – the winning prize! Here’s how to take a shot at it… Goal: To make a…


EVolocity E-zine – Issue Three

Welcome to issue three. We’re in the most exciting time of the year! National Finals are just around the corner – prepare to be wowed by the amazing electric vehicles created by teams of students from all over the country. In this issue, we get updates from a couple of our regions, and hear about…


EVolocity E-zine – Issue Two

Welcome to Issue Two. Thanks for joining us for another edition of the EVolocity e-zine! Things are hearing up around the country as we head towards our regional and national race days. Get up to speed on all things EVolocity in this issue, and read about plenty of exciting potential study and career paths!