EVolocity – The EV programme changing futures

Our mission is to break down barriers and inspire rangatahi into sustainable engineering while fast-forwarding New Zealand’s clean tech future.

At EVolocity, we are building more than just electric vehicles – we’re building the next generation of innovators, along with the skills they need to make a positive impact on their future, and the world they live in. Our programme envisions a cleaner, more resilient future where every young Kiwi can be a leader in sustainable technologies.


School-age students design, build and compete with their own electric vehicles.

Year 7 to 13 age teams or individuals build a vehicle (either a bike or with 3+ wheels) powered by a standard 350W electric motor, controller and two 12V gel cells. Innovation is encouraged as students strive to make their vehicle the fastest with the least drag, and able to cope with the demands of a tight street circuit. The Engineering Design Award encourages teams to build innovative features, such as smart monitoring or object detection and avoidance.


Students & teachers gain access to tertiary & specialist tutors at a series of workshops during the year.

Each year we work with teachers and club leaders to build a calendar of events for their region. This includes a Launch Day, welding workshops, CAD Design and Arduino programming. Each build day has a focus to assist students throughout their build: from team planning to vehicle design and fabrication, electronics and programming, then scrutineering and testing. The events are usually held in the weekend or evenings, are interactive, a bunch of fun, and if we’re lucky, include free pizza! Parents are encouraged to attend and participate. Events are often hosted by our tertiary partners and led by their specialist staff. Our workshops are an excellent way to see where your rivals are at and even borrow an idea or two, and teams are encouraged to help one another with materials and expertise.

See our calendar of events.


EVolocity Regional Finals see teams go head-to-head at the end of the year – competing in various categories, including performance, innovation and design.

Our regional finals are a fun day of competition where teams showcase their designs and test their vehicles on the track against their peers from other schools and clubs. The action-packed day consists of drag racing, gymkhana/slalom, efficiency and endurance challenges alongside ‘just for fun’ racing experiences. As well as racing awards, special awards are up for grabs that recognise achievements in innovation, engineering excellence, sustainability, and overall team/vehicle theme.

Regional Finals are open to the public and are a great opportunity for everyone to check out the world of EV racing!


Our recent survey of EVolocity team members revealed our rangatahi:

  • Developed an interest in mechanical engineering 76%
  • Developed an interest in electrical engineering 46%
  • Developed an interest in programming 41%
  • Developed an interest in automotive engineering 32%
  • Learnt engineering skills 91%
  • Learnt electronic skills 73%
  • Learnt programming skills 76%
  • Learnt how to work on a project as a team 74%

Simply a stunning year watching these young people develop so many skills, interests and career decisions. It is like watching teams of first-year University Engineering students, except it is Year 9, 10 and 11’s. I highly recommend the program to any prospective schools.

Chris Murden, Lead Teacher Digital Pedagogy – Mount Maunganui College

I have found EVolocity to be one of the most meaningful, holistic, and rewarding learning engagements that I have been involved with.

As some of our students come from lower socio-economic backgrounds and may not have the same opportunities outside of the school day to engage in a wide range of extra-curricular activities compared to students from higher decile schools, we have a focus on providing these sorts of opportunities.

Mr Jason Maraku, Mechanics & Engineering Teacher, Monrad Te Kura Waenga o Tirohanga

A lot of these students would not normally thrive in a standard classroom setting, but since being given this opportunity we have seen them thrive within EVolocity and also in the classroom. We have seen these students gain huge amounts of confidence in themselves.

Sam Tisch, Technology Teacher, Hornby High School


As part of our mission to ensure all young Kiwis have the opportunity to experience the wonders of sustainable engineering, the EVolocity programme is free of charge.

EVolocity is a not-for-profit charitable organisation changing the futures of our rangatahi – and it’s all made possible thanks to our wonderful sponsors.