Rob McEwen – Founder and Director

Rob McEwen is the founder and Chair of EVolocity.  He has held multiple roles in the cleantech sector, and is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with extensive experience managing and mentoring start-up companies both in the US and New Zealand.

A visionary passionate about sustainability and innovation, Rob established the New Zealand Clean Energy Centre (NZCEC), a state of the art science and technology facility based in Taupo. Designed for the future, the purpose of NZCEC was to provide a hub for clean energy businesses including companies from the biomass, geothermal and solar sectors to accelerate New Zealand’s adoption of clean, renewable energy solutions.

After completion of the NZCEC project, Rob became CEO of the newly formed Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV). Under his leadership a multi-faceted programme was designed to raise awareness and interest in electric vehicles across New Zealand, and the concept for a STEM education program which would later become EVolocity, was borne.

Rob holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing, and as Founder of MeloYelo e-bikes in New Zealand, he still has a hand in the business and when he’s not in the office you will find him enjoying semi-retirement with his family, and fishing in the beautiful Taupo region.

Dr. Eva Hakansson – Director

Dr. Eva Hakansson is a Mechanical Engineer, entrepreneur, and eco-activist in disguise. She became the world’s fastest female motorcycle rider with her electric motorcycle the KillaJoule, which she built herself in her backyard garage.

Eva uses high speed racing to open people’s eyes and minds for sustainable technology and she is passionate about inspiring young people to study STEM and to build amazing things with their hands.

In 2020 Eva and her husband Bill founded KiwFil, now New Zealand’s largest manufacturer of 3D printing filament. Their focus is on recycled materials and bio-plastic, and the goal is to close the loop on 3D printing.

Prior to starting her own business, Eva was a lecturer at the University of Auckland where she taught CAD, drawing and engineering design to one thousand first year engineering students every year.

Eva is currently working on her latest project, an electric motorcycle called Green Envy with the goal of becoming the fastest motorcycle on Earth. That record is currently 605 km/h, quite a bit higher than Eva’s current top speed of 434 km/h.

Eva holds Bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Environmental Sciences, a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

Originally from Sweden, Eva spent a number of years living and working in the US and she has now settled in Tokoroa, New Zealand with her husband Bill Dube.

John Creighton – Director

Since 1998, John Creighton has been a transformative figure in digital technologies education, beginning his journey shortly after earning a Diploma in Secondary Teaching from Christchurch College of Education. With a deep-seated passion for evolving educational methodologies, he has taught an extensive range of subjects, including Robotics, Digital Media, Interactive Game Design, and Programming, to name a few. His expertise has flourished in various institutions, culminating in his current role as Head of Faculty Technology at Burnside High School.

John’s commitment extends beyond teaching; he has been a figure in national educational development, and his contributions span over two decades, including playing a pivotal role in assisting to develop standards and related curriculum materials. His efforts in leading professional development webinars across New Zealand are testament to his involvement in digital technologies education.

He has not just been confined to administrative duties; John loves inspiring change and fostering innovation. He has been instrumental in guiding the strategic direction of education throughout New Zealand. Through his active participation in various committees and professional societies like the Digital Technologies Teachers Association, he has strengthened educational and industry partnerships, promoting a collaborative and progressive educational landscape. John holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Ecology and is based in
Christchurch where he lives with his wife and young family.

Julian Inch – Director