Race Day consists of several different events, both racing events and static (non-racing) events. Below is an outline of the different events of the day and the awards associated with each. See the Scoring Rubrics for the static events here.

Event Event Description Award Awarded for
Drag Race The driver must race a 50m drag strip and stop within 14m in the shortest time possible. Failure to stop within 14m will result in a six-second penalty. 1st place in class The shortest time after penalties from a maximum of 5 attempts.
Gymkhana An agility-based event where the driver must complete a 3-lap slalom. Penalties are given if cones are hit or skipped. 1st place in class The shortest time after penalties from a maximum of 2 attempts.
Endurance/Efficiency A test of vehicle efficiency and endurance. Using the racetrack, drivers race for the fastest time while an energy monitor measures their vehicle’s efficiency. Two awards are scored from the one event. 1st place in class for Efficiency The least amount of energy used over a fixed number of laps in a single, full-track race.
1st place in class for Endurance The shortest time in a single, full-track race.
Engineering Design Presentation Teams must present their work to a panel of judges, explaining design decisions, manufacturing processes, innovations they have made, and their contribution towards sustainability. Engineering Design Award Demonstrating engineering excellence in design, materials, and construction.
Earth Care Award Demonstrating good use of features and recycled/sustainable materials that reduce environmental impact.
Show Stopper Award Being the best looking team & vehicle combo.
Technical Report Produce a project report that documents the entire build process, from idea generation to testing and results. Technical Report Award The highest mark on a submitted report.