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Take your inventiveness to the next level.

If you like inventing new gadgets, and want to make something that can be used in the real world AND be rewarded for it, then this is for you!

The new EVolocity Innovation Lab, sponsored by MeloYelo, is an opportunity for students to take their inventiveness to new heights by conceptualising and designing original features that will enhance real-life e-bike riding experiences. Selected teams will have the opportunity to develop their product and produce a MeloYelo e-bike that will be auctioned off. Proceeds will be split between the team and EVolocity.

Electric vehicles are fast.

They are fun. They are the future.

EVOLOCITY is about fast forwarding that future. It’s about stimulating innovation and growing awareness of the advantages of electric transport in a sector which may be the global growth sector of the 21st Century.

High school teams are equipped with an electric bike componentry kit. During the course of the year they design & build their own electric vehicles. At the end of the year they bring their vehicles to a motorsport park for some fun competitions. The end of year event also features demonstrations and test drives of electric bikes, go karts, motor bikes and cars, educating the public as to what is available and dispelling myths around the performance capabilities of EVs.

EVolocity E-zine - June 2021 issue!

Our second e-zine of 2021 is out! This edition is themed around exploring the clean tech sector. World Environment Day was on June 5th and it’s apt to explore the technologies that help us address some of the planet’s biggest issues. In this issue, we look at what clean tech is all about, we learn about the development of the world’s first electric rally car, and we find out about some start ups in the energy sector. Plus much more!

Latest News

Save the planet with science—from New Zealand

Exciting science doesn’t just happen in other countries. It’s being done in New Zealand, too. And you can get involved. Researchers at the Robinson Research Institute at Victoria University of Wellington are leading a big programme of work to deal with one of the hardest problems facing the planet: How can we make transportation climate-friendly?…

Eva Hakansson – Build and racing to the top!

Eva Hakansson has got something in common with all EVolocity students – she builds electric vehicles and then competes in them! Eva also holds the world record for fastest electric motorcycle, and also used to be the fastest female motorcycle rider. So she knows what it’s like to take a vehicle build from start to finish. And she might just have some tips for you!

Getting started with your build

The start of any project is an exciting time! But it can also be a bit overwhelming – especially if you’ve never done anything similar before. The EVolocity project is no different. But never fear! We are here to help you every step of the way. So let’s start right here by talking through some…

Sales of MeloYelo e-bikes help raise funds for EVolocity.