EVolocity Regional Finals - Entries Open!

It’s time to race!

Regional Finals are just around the corner!

Wellington / Manawatu: 27 October @ KartSport Manawatu

Canterbury: 4 November @ KartSport Canterbury

Bay of Plenty: 6 November @ Rydges Rotorua

Nelson: 9 November @ KartSport Nelson

Taranaki / Waikato: 12 November @ KartSport Taranaki

Auckland: 28 November @ RNZAF Base Auckland

Electric vehicles are fast.

They are fun. They are the future.

EVOLOCITY is about fast forwarding that future. It’s about stimulating innovation and growing awareness of the advantages of electric transport in a sector which may be the global growth sector of the 21st Century.

High school teams are equipped with an electric bike componentry kit. During the course of the year they design & build their own electric vehicles. At the end of the year they bring their vehicles to a motorsport park for some fun competitions.

The end of year event also features demonstrations and test drives of electric bikes, go karts, motor bikes and cars, educating the public as to what is available and dispelling myths around the performance capabilities of EVs.

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