Young Women in STEM

Young Women in STEM (YWIS) is a platform for young women to come together and discover study, research, and career pathways available in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics sectors.

Our mission is to close the gender gap in science and technology, and inspire future generations of female innovators and sustainable technology leaders.

The world of engineering offers a vast array of exciting career opportunities, and in the coming months, we will feature leading industry experts to share their insights into some of the most dynamic, cutting-edge, and fascinating jobs that exist in the work place today.

EVolocity Wāhine

Hundreds of wāhine have been through EVolocity’s programme. As they’ve designed and built their vehicles, these young women have embraced the world of clean tech and sustainable engineering, and demonstrated remarkable creativity and ingenuity.

Women of Inspiration – Change Makers

Throughout their careers, these incredible women have not only broken barriers and stereotypes, but they have also paved the way for future generations of female engineers.

Graduate Engineers Share Their Experiences

Curious about what a career in STEM can look like? We chatted to some recent graduates who are already making their mark in various fields of engineering about their experiences, challenges, and learnings.


Check out various upcoming events, designed to inspire and empower young women in STEM. These events are sure to provide unique opportunities to engage with industry leaders, connect with like-minded others, and learn about real-life applications of STEM concepts.

I’d like to encourage young women to pursue STEM careers. Don’t be afraid of giving it a try. You might end up liking it, or it might be different to what you expected it to be.

Hozea – Graduate Engineer