The following documentation has been designed to get you and your team into a design mindset focused on building your very own electric vehicle!

If you have questions or need extra guidance, get in touch by submitting a technical query.

Team Planning & Project Management

Start with the most important aspect of any design/manufacturing project – planning.

Designing for Performance Events

Design Concepts

Inspiration for your first design.

Computer Aided Design

Fusion 360 tutorial series.

Learn about important steering concepts such as wheel alignments and Ackermann’s Angle.

The Chassis

The chassis is the framework of the vehicle, and this needs to be sturdy and durable for race day. This section will give you some key characteristics to consider.

Body & Aerodynamics

Body design not only makes your vehicle look good, but it is also functional and can improve performance. This document covers some key design points and what a body shell can be made from. Take note and let your creativity take over!

Gears & Transmission

Enabling the motor’s power to reach the drive wheel effectively and efficiently is critical. Electric motor speed ‘tops out’ quickly, so it is important to utilise the huge low-speed torque through a few gears to reach a high top speed for the vehicle. Read on to learn more!

Performance Metrics

Learn about coding, and how to program an Arduino to monitor important vehicle functions!


See the Scoring Rubric here.

Exemplary body design report from Mahurangi College 2020 – A great resource for ideas