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MeloYelo ebikes

Sales of MeloYelo e-bikes help raise funds for EVolocity.

At 100% kiwi owned MeloYelo, we’re just mad about ebikes. The quality of our bikes is outstanding, with electric systems, suspension, gears, brakes & batteries from the best manufacturers in the world. Our motors have been highly rated by Consumer Reports NZ and provide more turning force than most other motors. Our battery packs are typically larger too, which means you get more distance on a charge. And, our bikes come standard with mudguards, lights and carrier. Our sales & service agents are outstanding too. They take time to understand your needs and to educate you about various aspects of ebikes. Our service network is nationwide, we carry a range of spare parts here in NZ and our after-sale support is world-class. With a MeloYelo e-bike you GO WELL and DO GOOD. Because MeloYelo is a social enterprise which helps fund EVolocity.

Check out our range of electric bikes here.