Over the years we have gathered stories of how EVolocity is being implemented in different settings. The program is often run as an extramural school activity and other times it is integrated into the curriculum. It has also been run as a non-school club activity. See below for case studies to help you make the best of the program in your school.

Right from the beginning the year 13 students at St John’s College were very keen to be involved. When the project was outlined to the students the key attractions were that they would get to work together with others to produce an outcome, and that they would get NCEA credits. None of their other classes offered such an  attractive incentive.

Three electric cart groups were formed. The teams had to complete their cart to meet the scrutineers’ requirements in a timely fashion – and then there was the race! Students acknowledged that participating and contributing (one of the key competencies in The New Zealand Curriculum (2007), is essential in a team project such as this.

The project provided multiple teaching moments around team building. There are already plans afoot for next year’s classroom guests (e.g. teams from within the school and industry) to share their experiences of effective teamwork. Read More

Evolocity Case Studies St Johns Hamilton_The Volt Team Members