Our schools program engages teams of students in designing and building an electric vehicle using an electric motor componentry kit that we supply. Team members develop skills in:

  • Mechanical & electrical engineering.
  • Electronics & programming.
  • Sensor and display programming.
  • Video making and marketing.
  • Teamwork.

To support all our teams, new and more experienced, to get the best out of our program, we have developed a set of supporting documentation, videos, and other resources under the following categories. These will give a solid foundation to students, without undermining the all-important aspects of creativity and self-direction in our learning program. Click on each blue-block heading to learn more.

Build Program Support documentation has been designed to get you and your team into a design mindset focused on building your very own electric vehicle! If you have any questions please join our Zoom meetings each Friday and visit our forum which draws on the expertise of our scrutineers and mentors to help you along the way.

It’s all very well to have sleek looking and fast vehicle, but if it doesn’t meet our technical requirements, it won’t be able to compete at race day. So take careful note of every aspect described in these technical guidelines for two and three wheel documents!

This is your one-stop for all things relating to the competition and events aspect of the EVolocity programme! You’ll find the all-important competition category descriptions as well as the registration form, both of which you need right at the start of your EVolocity journey. There’s also other event documentation to help get you prepared.

Please read our COVID-19 Policy before attending events.

You’ve had a look at our program, you like what you see, and now you want in! You’ll need to order some gear to get you going… here’s the order forms!

Especially for teachers, this section outlines and provides examples of rubrics used for assessing NCEA standards.

Sales of MeloYelo e-bikes help raise funds for EVolocity.