The new EVolocity Innovation Lab, sponsored by MeloYelo, is an opportunity for students to take their inventiveness to new heights by conceptualising and designing original features that will enhance real-life e-bike riding experiences. Selected teams will have the opportunity to develop their product and produce an e-bike with the feature attached. The e-bikes will be auctioned off and teams will walk away with a sizable chunk of the proceeds!

“Kiwis are renowned for their innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. Through the EVolocity Innovation Lab, we are giving high school students an opportunity to conceive of and create a product that can be added to an electric bike, and which enhances the value of the bike,” says MeloYelo director, and founder of EVolocity, Rob McEwen.

  • Open to Senior High school and Undergraduate tertiary students
  • 5-month programme
  • Self-directed by students with support as needed from mentors
  • Free to enter / students will need to fund the development of their new feature

Enrolments are now open. Please register your team. If you have any queries please email Sarah at

  • Stage 1 – register your team
  • Stage 2 – submit your proposal
  • Stage 3 – final team selections
  • Stage 4 – develop & produce product and ebike
  • Stage 5 – develop sales pitch and sell bike at auction

There are five stages of the programme. After registering, entrants are required to attend two short online workshops, after which they will have one month to conceptualise a new design feature they will be able to develop and produce over a 5 month period.

Seven teams will be selected from entrants, and given a brand new mountain bike, a Bafang BBS01 300-watt motor kit and a 13 amp-hour lithium ion battery to assemble and fit out with their original feature over the course of 6 months.

During the development stage, teams will be required to submit firstly a project plan and timeline, followed by a monthly one page report on project progress. They will also be required to attend a monthly 20 minute online feedback session with EVolocity mentors to discuss their progress and any issues.

EVolocity will assist to market and sell the ebikes through online auction, after which the proceeds will be split between EVolocity and the teams.

  • Month 1 – Project plan and timeline
  • Month 2 to 5 – one page project progress report, attending a meeting with mentors
  • Month 5 – fully completed ebike with new feature; sales pitch to market the ebike at auction