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Nigel Broomhall

Since running the electric vehicle program for Meridian Energy back in 2009, Nigel has had a love affair for the potential of this great technology for New Zealand. He has more than 15 years experience within the electricity industry across NZ, Australia, Europe and the US. He has spent time inside a fortune 500 company, leading IBM NZ as the energy lead. He is a member of VaasaETT’s Global Energy Think Tank based in Helsinki and was a judge in the 2017 Global Energy Branding Awards in Reykjavik Iceland. He has also published papers on smart grids and the potential disruption of distributed generation. Today he leads Chargemaster, NZ’s premier intelligent charging EV infrastructure company. He is a proud Cantabrian, originating from Temuka, however he now resides in rural Auckland on a lifestyle block with his wife, 2 young children, 6 sheep and his dirt bike.