Our Mission

Develop the next generation of engineers, technology innovators and entrepreneurs to accelerate New Zealand’s transition to electric vehicles and clean transportation, and a more sustainable future.

Our Vision

To provide young people with a practical learning programme which stimulates and embraces innovation, inspires them to pursue subjects and careers in STEM, and leads New Zealand towards electric vehicle uptake.

Students Design, Build, Compete

Secondary students design, build and compete in electric vehicles.

School teams build a vehicle (either a bike or with 3+ wheels) powered by a standard 350W electric motor, controller and two 12V gel cells. Innovation is encouraged as students strive to make their vehicle the fastest with the least drag, and able to cope with the demands of a tight street circuit. The Innovation categories encourage teams to build in object detection and mitigation features along with the measurement and display of key performance metrics. 2021 introduces a brand new ‘competition’ category with much more stringent criteria – only four wheeled carts up to 3kW (total power).


Access to Tutors at Build Camps

Students & teachers gain access to tertiary & specialist tutors at a series of Build Camps during the year.

Each year we work with teachers to build a calendar of events for their region. This includes a launch and 3 ‘Build Camps’. Each Camp has a focus from vehicle design and fabrication, electronics and programming for the Innovation category along with controller building and programming, then scrutineering and testing. The camps are fun and usually out of school hours. Parents are encouraged to attend and participate. They are often hosted by our tertiary partners and lead by their specialist staff. Teams are encouraged to help one another with materials and expertise. We also host welding skills workshops in partnership with our polytechs. See our calendar of events.

Competing in Performance & Innovation, Design & Communications

EVolocity regional finals see teams competing in a variety of categories including performance events, innovation, design, reporting and community awareness.

Our regional finals are a fun day of competition where teams parade their designs and then test them in competition against their peers from other schools. While student interest is around the Performance and Innovation sections other team members with responsibility for Show, Reporting and the EVy Awards (video and social media) enjoy showing their creativity and time in the spotlight. Good performances are rewarded with an excellent array of prizes from our generous sponsors.

Regional Finals

Regional & national events include opportunities for the public to test ride electric bikes, test drive electric cars.

We are passionate about electric vehicles in all forms – from bikes to cars and beyond. And, we’re doing our part to accelerate NZ’s uptake. The best way to sell electric vehicles is to give people the experience of riding one or driving one. That’s when they get “the EV grin.”

Kit Costs & Availability

For the standard motor class the 350W electric bike kit and 2x high density batteries sells for $400 + GST.

This is usually the entry point for teams and in subsequent years when they want more power and speed they move on to the Open motor class with a limit of 1000W. The Open and Competition Classes source this gear themselves to suit their vehicles design.

Supportive Resources

We have a set of power point slides and some videos that teachers can use to lead discussions around a range of design options, getting the proportions right, gearing and body work etc. Feedback from teachers indicates that they are useful. These are available on our resources page.

Design Guidelines / Technical Requirements

These documents guide your teams designs to ensure they are compliant for race day. The documents are readily available on the EVolocity website for each of the following vehicle classes:

EVolocity Programme Teacher Testimonials

John Creighton, Head of Technology – Burnside High School

“Burnside High School has now incorporated this concept into our curriculum and we currently also run it as a club activity. This project learning opportunity offers our students a chance to build on the ‘Essential Skills’ or Key Competencies that underpin the New Zealand Curriculum Framework. 

Students enjoy the challenge of designing a vehicle to meet the requirements of the end of year competition events, where the merits of each build are tested and celebrated. The ongoing stability of a competition like this will allow our programs of learning to evolve and fit around and exploit the potential that EVolocity affords.”

Ian Watson, Technology Teacher – Otumoetai College

“The learning for the students was exceptional. A real world, authentic Technology project with strict parameters and deadlines. The skills my students learnt would not have been gained if we had done any other project. For example, working in a group, collaboration, identifying strengths, active listening, negotiation skills ad being supportive of others. It developed leadership and organisational abilities “

Chris Murden, Lead Teacher Digital Pedagogy – Mount Maunganui College

“EVolocity is a well- run program with great build days to help the students develop their designs. The build and race day links to Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, Waikato University and Auckland University offers fantastic pathways to expertise and career links. Simply a stunning year watching these young people develop so many skills, interests and career decisions. It is like watching teams of first year University Engineering students except it is Year 9, 10 and 11’s. I highly recommend the program to any prospective schools.”

Impact Research

Our most recent survey of EVolocity team members (October 2017) revealed the following:

Answers Choices

  • Developed an interest in mechanical engineering
  • Learnt to work with and relate to others as a team
  • Developed an interest in electrical engineering.
  • Developed an interest in power electronics.
  • Developed an interest in programming

EVolocity team members are gaining credits in physics and technology. And, some team members acknowledge that EVolocity has changed their thinking in terms of where they are going with their education and career, most of those stating that they will now pursue engineering.

EVolocity’s COVID-19 work method statement

Providing a safe environment for our students, guests and the communities we operate in will always be our number one priority.

In times such as these, we believe it is our role and responsibility to do our best to ensure we can provide educational opportunities to our students while doing everything reasonably practicable to keep them and our team healthy and safe. We are doing all we can to keep our students, team and community safe, as well as play our role in preventing the spread of Coronavirus; COVID-19.

This includes following the advice of the New Zealand Government and World Health Organisation and their recommendations for minimising the spread of this virus. We also comply with the New Zealand Events Sector Voluntary Code. To reduce the risk of COVID-19, EVolocity requests that all present at our events follow these instructions:

  • On arrival and departure to EVolocity events:
    • Clean hands with hand sanitiser
    • Keep social distancing protocols
    • Practice proper hand hygiene – that is, washing hands regularly with soap and water(for at least 20 seconds), or cleansing with hand sanitiser
    • Coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your elbow and then performing hand hygiene
    • Cleaning work surfaces and tools regularly.
  • While at event premises greet with elbows or the ‘East Coast Wave’, and practice social distancing (greater than 1 metre or 2 metres if someone has a cough).
  • If you feel sick or have a cough:
    • Do not attend the event, or
    • Leave the client premises immediately, and go home
    • Seek medical advice from a doctor of Healthline, if necessary.